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2018.08.27 16:15 mellonbread GOODBYE, DOLLY GRAY

GAME DATE AND TIME: Saturday, September 1st, 5:00 PM PST
BACKGROUND: It is 1901. The British Empire's war with the South African Republic and the Orange Free State drags on into its third year, outliving Queen Victoria herself. Following a string of humiliating defeats at the hands of the surprisingly hardy Boer kommandos, King Edward's forces have broken the ability of the plucky Dutch farmers to challenge them in open battle. The Afrikaners have scattered to the winds, launching guerilla raids on British forces, who struggle to defend their supply lines across miles and miles of open veldt.
In response, Lord Kitchener revises his tactics. Rather than marching to battle in line and column, British mounted infantry pursue the guerillas in mobile engagements of fire and maneuver. They divide the veldt with blockhouses and barbed wire, limiting the enemy's freedom of movement and better protecting their fragile rail lines and roads. More controversially, Imperial soldiers deny the Boer fighters their ability to survive off the local population, by burning farms, salting fields, poisoning wells, and interning tens of thousands of civilians in camps.
BRIEFING: The rail link to Nelspruit, in Eastern Transvaal, has been repaired. Lord Kitchener and his staff have declared that the region East of the railhead is to be cleared of civilians, as part of a larger drive to snare notorious guerilla Louis Botha.
You are soldiers of the Imperial Yeomanry, mounted infantry in the service of the British Empire and His Majesty King Edward VII. Your squadron (the cavalry equivalent of a company) have been given the task. You have a map and a list of farmsteads to clear. Torch the buildings, kill the animals, poison the wells, march the civilians back to the rail depot for transport. Get to it.
NOTE: This adventure is set in South Africa in the year 1901, during the Boer War. You need to create a soldier in the Imperial Yeomanry to play in it. Unless you want to make a dramatically different character concept, use this template here to do so.
Reply in this thread if you would like to play.
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2017.11.10 12:58 spawnwheel Running with Wild Horses at the Kaapsehoop Marathon, South Africa

Hi Running
Strava link - Youtube link -
My wife and I ran our second Kaapsehoop marathon this past weekend. It’s run mostly downhill from a tiny town called Kaapsehoop to Nelspruit in South Africa.
South African marathon runners are obsessed with the Comrades Marathon and most (including myself) use Kaapsehoop as an early qualifier because it’s mostly downhill and being in November it gives us a qualifier in the bag before the ‘qualifying season’ from Jan to April next year.
Despite dropping about 1000m in altitude from start to finish, the marathon can be brutal. Fast, but jarring on the legs, causing many to spectacularly hit the wall in the later stages of the race.
The goal was a sub 4 for myself and a (relatively) easy finish for my wife. Last year was her first marathon at Kaapsehoop and we ran it together in a 5H25.
What I love about this race is that it has a population of wild horses living in the forests around the town. They run alongside and between the crowd of runners at the start of the race. I love living in South Africa at moments like this. Here is a video from last year we took of the horses narrowly missing a guy having a toilet break against a tree
The race started well, with us being on one of the first buses, we lined up close to the start. The great thing about being close to the start is obviously, less of a bottleneck across the line, but this means that it’s also very tempting to be caught up being pulled along by the masses at a pace quicker than planned.
Most marathons, I find, follow the same itinerary. The start and first 21km fly by, the following 10km become a little uncomfortable and then at 32km it all falls apart and I’m left crawling on the tar to the end. I upped my training this year and was positive this wouldn’t happen again.
I said goodbye to my wife, and sister who joined us just before the gun, and ran at an easy pace through the forest plantation service road for the first 8km. I remember thinking as the herd of horses ran by, “I wonder what a group of horses is actually called. I think it’s herd, but it doesn’t sound quite right”.
After 8km the race turns back onto the main road and plummets downhill at a gradient of 10 or 11 percent. Trying to hold back is uncomfortable, running at any speed is actually uncomfortable. I tried my best to not be too eager to get to the bottom, but think I was running a bit too quickly as I saw a 4min55 km pop up on the Forerunner, when I had planned for 5min 20’s
I do a lot of research before every race and I had analysed every bend and camber of the road before the race. I knew this was too quick and hoped it would not come back to hurt me later.
It did.
My best marathon time was a 04H34, so a sub 4 was an ambitious goal for myself. I thought, “Well it’s all downhill. It’s easy”. What a naive thought.
Up to about 32km in, things were on track. The scenery flew by, the horses long behind us and the smell of boerewors at the finishing stadium overtaking all my thoughts, I had the 4 hours in the bag.
Then the first misfire happened. A pee I was holding since 10km became more urgent and I quickly stopped to relieve myself behind a bush. Trying to run again was torture. The quads said an adamant No.
I pushed through, but the following kilometer or two was slower than I was previously running. This put me a minute behind my target time. I tried with all that I had to up the pace. Nothing was working, not even two bites of my salted dates tucked into my running belt.
I’m coming to the realisation that hitting the wall in a marathon is inevitable for me. It didn’t quite happen at 32km this time, but at an uphill section just before the end, at 39km. And it was epic.
My constant 05min40’s had slowed to over 6mins. By 39km it was over 9min. I walked and ran as best as I could, watching a 70-year-old, who I passed early on, trot past me with a short, “C’mon we’re almost there!”.
Cresting the hill, the boost of seeing Mbombela stadium helped me limp home with two 7min kilometers.
I finished happy with my 04H09, 25 minutes under my previous PB, but slightly disappointed to miss out on a sub 4.
I found out later that my wife and sister ran together for most of the way. Parting ways with about 10km to go. Charleen, my wife coming in just over 5 hours and my sister around a 5H18.
This race has to be on every South African marathon runner’s bucket list. The water stations are incredible with ice cold water, coke and even doughnuts at some. Running with the horses is an amazing experience. If South Africans all took up running and did this race we would live in a much happier society that has a greater respect for nature.
Oh and I had to google this, a ‘herd’ of horses is a herd if they’re wild, but a ‘team’ if they’re domesticated.
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2017.04.04 21:52 CataclysmZA [ONGOING] All the marches happening on 7/04/2014 in your area available here!

There are several marches planned for this week or this coming Friday (some even later this month), all of which have different start and end times, and different places to gather. In order to try bring some order to the informational overload, I'll be listing all the currently known marches in this thread.
Where possible, I'll have a table of known marches organised by single groups, or for political parties, once the thread starts to take shape. This will be updated as necessary.
If you have information about a march taking place, please post it in a comment to this thread and I shall add it in.
Looking for a reason to march? LILY GOSAM: Why Zuma fired Gordhan and became Public Enemy No 1 is a scary read. You might want to be seated and grab a stress ball.
Civilian Organised protests:
City Start point GPS Start time End point Announcement
Cape Town-Milnerton Milnerton Rural, corner of Racecourse and W Coast Road -33.861601, 18.500648 7:30 N/A
Jeffreys Bay Corner of Nautilus and St Francis St -34.044883, 24.914634 12:00 N/A
Jeffreys Bay Various locations (confirmed in announcement link) N/A 13:00 N/A
Queenstown The Hexagon -31.8959931,26.8692034 11:00 N/A
Johannesburg Corner of Beyers Naude and Preller -26.151474, 27.988200 6:30 for 07:00 N/A
Cape Town-Bellville Durban & Villie van Schoor The entire street (targeted at businesses) 12PM N/A
Alberton Bridge over Klip River and Aspen Lakes -26.309276, 28.057591 6:30 - 7:45 & 16:00 N/A (silent protest)
South Coast/Shelly Beach Shelly shopping centre -30.809821, 30.409049 09:00 N/A
Scottburgh Riverside entrance on George Crookes -30.280459, 30.755140 10:00 Flea market site
London, England South African High Commission offices 51.5082871, -0.1288812 11:00 N/A
Rivonia-JHB IQ Business Park -26.0639737, 28.0589915 12:00 Lilliesleaf History museum
Sedgefield Unknown (contact Lisa on 076 952 6403 for details) <-------------------------- 09:00 N/A
Knysna Memorial Square -34.0350466,23.0480516 10:00 N/A
Cape Town Keizersgracht, opposide CPUT -33.929198,18.4281593 12:00 Parliament Street (round trip)
City Start point GPS Start time End point Announcement
Johannesburg Westgate Transport Hub -26.209666, 28.033629 10:00 Mary Fitzgerald Square
Durban Durban Circus Site -29.837896, 31.031827 10:00 Elangeni Hotel
Bloemfontein Hoffman Square -29.118068, 26.2209318 11:30 TBA
Welkom Municipal offices -27.97948, 26.7366413 10:00 TBA
Nelspruit Pick 'n Pay on Samora Machel Road -25.473971, 30.970044 11:00 Nelspruit Rugby Club
Klerksdorp/Pienaarsdorp Klerksdorp Marathon Club, behind Milner High School -26.858500, 26.680970 10:00 N/A
Kimberley Department of Education on Barkly Road -28.7050427, 24.7453876 09:30 N/A
Cape Town City Hall, Darling Street -33.9253946, 18.4215953 11:30 N/A
East London City Hall, Oxford Street -33.014785, 27.903924 13:00 N/A
Queenstown The Hexagon -31.8959931,26.8692034 11:00 N/A
Aliwal North Corner of Grey and Summerset -30.690287, 26.709084 10:00 N/A
Somerset East Nojoli street/Unie Street -32.719259, 25.584912 08:00 N/A (silent protest)
Somerset East U Save on Nojoli Street -32.718969, 25.587568 08:00 N/A (silent protest)
Somerset East Spar, corner Nojoli and Worcester -32.718953, 25.589898 08:00 N/A (silent protest)
East London/Great Kei Crossways Shopping Centre -32.905777, 28.020996 13:00 N/A (silent protest)
East London/Great Kei Glen Eden Church -32.8865674,28.0896048 06:00 N/A (prayer meeting)
East London/Great Kei Old Glen Eden shop (Maps can't find it) 07:00 TBA
Grahamstown Church Square -33.309888, 26.526712 13:00 N/A
Port Elizabeth Njoli Square, Kwazakhele -33.9628589, 25.6140372 (likely, not confirmed) 08:00 N/A
Port Elizabeth Corner Heathcote and Standford -33.880581, 25.493586 15:00 N/A
Port Elizabeth Corner Beetlestone and Standford -33.914894, 25.561972 15:00 N/A
Port Elizabeth Corner William Moffet and Cape -33.948049, 25.555738 07:00 N/A
Uitenhage Corner Mozel and Graaff-Reinet -33.759580, 25.405592 07:00 N/A
Uitenhage Corner Kamehs and Accacia -33.740024, 25.373921 07:00 N/A
Despatch Corner Dr Rabie and Main -33.799736, 25.468676 07:00 N/A
Kwa Nobuhle Spar main intersection -33.806866, 25.395739 07:00 N/A
Cape Town-Edgemead Edgemead Community Centre -33.8799308, 18.5438956 09:00 and 16:00 Bothasig Mall
Planned marches:
City Start point GPS Start time End point Date Announcement
Alexandria TBA TBA 10:00 N/A TBA
Port Alfred TBA TBA 11:00 N/A TBA
Graaff-Reinet TBA TBA TBA N/A TBA
NOTE: Because of the volume of DA protests in the Eastern Cape alone (21 at last count), calling 041 450 9500 if you have any queries will probably sort you out if you're confused. Also note that the PE protest locations have been changed.
City Start point GPS Start time End point Announcement
Pretoria Church Square -25.746276, 28.188060 10:00 for 12:00 Union Boulevard
Cape Town Parliament -33.925059, 18.421186 12:00 N/A
Other cities/towns City/Town halls or community centers N/A 12:00 N/A
Pretoria Church Square -25.746276, 28.188060 All day, erry day text
Queenstown The Hexagon -31.8959931,26.8692034 11:00 N/A
Have a handy protest toolkit from OUTA:
City Start point GPS Start time End point Announcement
Pretoria Church Square -25.7464124, 28.185883 10:00 Union Buildings
Port Elizabeth City Hall Square -33.962108, 25.6229091 13:00 N/A
Planned marches:
City Start point GPS Start time End point Date Announcement
Cape Town Parliament -33.925059, 18.421186 TBA N/A TBA TBA
Vryheidsfront Plus:
City Start point GPS Start time End point Announcement
Pretoria Church Square -25.7464124,28.185883 10:00 Union Buildings
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2014.10.29 21:50 TheFallenHero [EVENT] States of South Africa organised.

This assumes the Namibia transfer has gone through.
The Map of States
Name Position Location Capital City
Colin van Schwartz President Republic of South Africa Johannesburg
Piet Botha Head Premier South Africa Johannesburg
Wakandan Military Administration Head Premier Bechuanaland Gaborone
Theo Smuts Head Premier South-West Africa Windhoek
Vikker M.W. Head Premier Rhodesia Harare
Provinces of South Africa
Number Name Leader Capital City
1 Western Cape Premier Jonnie Pienarr Cape Town
2 Northern Cape Premier Samuel Basson Kimberly
3 Eastern Cape Premier Pieter Visser Port Elizabeth
4 Natal Premier Rudi van Graan Durban
5 Free State Premier Pieter Basson Bloemfontein
6/10 North West Premier Andries Momberg Rustenburg
7 Guateng Premier Hedei van Graan Johannesburg
8 Transnatal Premier Paul van Coetzee Nelspruit
9 Transvaal Premier Minki Brink Pietersburg
11 Basutoland Premier Aliwal North Maseru
12 Swaziland Premier Johans Rupert Lobamba
Provinces of Bechuanaland, under Wakandan Military Administration
Note that these are taking Wakandan orders.
Number Name Leader Capital City
13 South-West Premier Pieter Pienarr Tsabong
14 South-Central Premier Zuid Rensburg Kanye
15 East Premier Hayes Sadler Ghanzi
16 North-West Premier Zyl Sabbert Kasane
17 East-Central Premier Uys Krige Serowe
Provinces of Rhodesia, under NogDuts
Number Name Leader Capital City
18 Mashonaland Premier J.M. Eybers Bulawayo
19 Matabeleland Premier Breyten Breytenbach Masvingo
20 Manicaland Premier C. J. Langenhoven Harare/Fort Salisbury
Provinces of South-West Africa
This assumes the transfer of Namibia/South-West Africa is complete.
Number Name Land Capital City
21 Oshana Premier Etienne Leroux Outapi
22 Kavanga Premier Eugene Coetzee Rundu
23 Omaheke Premier Seether Volkspele Gobabis
24 Khomas Premier Paul Kruggerand Windhoek
Provincial capitals will be added at a later date.
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2014.04.23 04:51 God_Wills_It_ Robbers in South Africa have stolen rhino horn from a provincial parks agency, in what may be the country's biggest such theft to date. They cut through steel safes at the Mpumalanga tourism and parks agency (MTPA) in Nelspruit, taking up to 40 horns, police and local media say.

Robbers in South Africa have stolen rhino horn from a provincial parks agency, in what may be the country's biggest such theft to date. They cut through steel safes at the Mpumalanga tourism and parks agency (MTPA) in Nelspruit, taking up to 40 horns, police and local media say. submitted by God_Wills_It_ to Africa [link] [comments]